Effective Rodent Control in Milwaukee

Rodent Control & PreventionNexus Pest Solutions brings nearly 30 years of pest control experience to serve the Wisconsin counties of Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Racine. Using only EPA-approved chemical techniques along with the very best non-chemical technologies, our trained and certified technicians will safely and effectively eliminate any rodent problem.

Signs of the Presence of Rodents

If you pick up a box of pancake mix for your Saturday morning breakfast and find it pouring out the bottom of the container, then you should immediately expect the presence of mice or rats. They also tend to leave their droppings along your counter tops, in kitchen cabinets and drawers and along the baseboards of the floors. Strange scratching sounds from inside the walls may alert you to the presence of rodents, and they may also chew up your newspapers or paper towels to carry off for nesting materials.

Dangers of a Rodent Infestation

Both mice and rats can turn up in the cleanest of Wisconsin homes, and their breeding practices will quickly turn those two that you saw into an infestation of hundreds before you know what happened. This isn't just a simple nuisance, and it can be dangerous to your health due to the large volumes of bacteria and viruses that these rodents are capable of carrying. You may be infected by a bite or from simply coming into contact with the rodent's urine, droppings or saliva. Hantavirus and rat-bite fever are just two of the serious illnesses that can be transmitted through rodent contact.

Effective Rodent Removal

Many pest control companies use poison bait to kill the rodents. While this is often an effective method of dealing with the problem, it can also create new problems when the rodents crawl into the walls to die. This can cause horrible odors in your entire home, and the decaying bodies may also create health hazards to humans. For this reason, we utilize snap traps to catch both mice and rats alive. This is a humane alternative that also eliminates the possibility of the animals dying inside of your home. We catch and release the rodents, and we follow this with an extremely careful sealing of the perimeter of your property to ensure that the rodents don't regain entry to your home.

Services Fully Guaranteed

If you are experiencing issues with rodents or have concerns about any other pest control problem, then don't hesitate to contact Nexus Pest Solutions at 262-684-4498 for a free quote today. We are available to you around the clock all seven days of the week, and you can expect a qualified and friendly technician to arrive at your location as quickly as possible.