Brookfield Pest Control

Seeing one or two bugs in your home may not worry you, but those few bugs could lead to serious infestations if their entry points go undetected. It only takes one ant to signal to its colony for you to have a real problem in your kitchen or bathroom. For close to 30 years, Nexus Pest Solutions has served Brookfield and the entire Milwaukee area and successfully removed pest infestations from homes and businesses. When ants, Asian beetles and other pests invade your space, let our professional team come in and get to work.

Brookfield Ant Treatments

Carpenter AntsAnts want the same things that people do: food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, some of them look for it all in your home. Whether it's carpenter ants in the kitchen or field ants in the yard, these tiny yet invasive creatures grow to large numbers and invade buildings and properties throughout Brookfield. Carpenter ants are especially invasive as they build nests in the damaged wood areas of your home and often come out to search for food and water.

Boxelder Bug Treatments in Brookfield

Boxelder bugs become active in the summer and are attracted to homes that receive abundant sunshine. These nuisance pests usually go unnoticed until the weather cools. They crawl into cracks and crevices around your home and seek refuge in walls and the attic. Once the summer weather returns, they come out and move toward the windows. Without preventative maintenance, these pests will continue to use your home for shelter and invade your space throughout the year.

Asian Beetle Removal Services

Although Asian lady beetles feed on pests like aphids, they are nuisance pests themselves as they congregate in great numbers when the weather cools. They don't cause harm to people, pets or buildings, but they often produce a foul-smelling liquid if they're disturbed or squashed; this liquid can also stain walls, carpets and fabric. Though it feels like a light pinch, Asian beetles bite when they're handled.

Professional Pest Control Services in Brookfield

Don't let ants, boxelder bugs and Asian beetles drive you crazy. Contact Nexus Pest Solutions in Brookfield for a free estimate. We provide a quick turnaround using nonchemical solutions that safeguard you, your family and your pets. Our products are approved for both indoor and outdoor use and provide thorough, effective results. If a pest infestation has you cornered in your own home, Nexus Pest Solutions has your back.