Bayside, WI Pest Control

At Nexus Pest Solutions, we have more than three decades of experience in helping families and businesses in Bayside, Wisconsin, with all of their pest control needs. We pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly pest control solutions to make sure that your home or business is free from pests and rodents.

Bed Bugs

We specialize in providing bed bug prevention and control services to make sure that your residential or commercial property in Bayside, Wisconsin, is free from bed bugs and sanitized properly. A single bed bug infection can take months to detect because bed bugs can survive long periods without food. If you notice red bumps on the skin or see a live bed bug in bedding materials, contact us right away to get started on a bed bug control plan.


Cockroaches are able to penetrate the walls of even the most secure homes and office buildings. They prefer to stay in dark places so that they go undetected for long periods of time. This is extremely problematic because roaches reproduce at rapid rates, which means it does not take long for a serious infestation to arise. At Nexus Pest Solutions, we can design a customized treatment plan for eliminating roaches from your home or office building.

Stink Bugs

Bed bugs can typically invade a home or office building through cracks near the windows or foundation. They are most typically found on the sunny side of homes in Bayside, Wisconsin, during the fall because of their reproductive cycles. Stink bugs tend to invade homes and buildings during the winter months and become active in warmer weather. The best way to make sure that stink bugs do not cause problems in your home is to have a solid prevention plan. The pest control experts at Nexus Pest Solutions are happy to speak with you about how to keep stink bugs out of your home.

Quality Pest Control Services in Bayside, Wisconsin

If you are wondering how Nexus Pest Solutions can assist you with your pest control problem in Bayside, Wisconsin, give us a call right away at 262-684-4498. We are standing by to answer any of your pest control questions and help you make your home or business as safe as possible. Find out why so many customers in the Bayside area depend on Nexus Pest Solutions to get the job done right.